It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway


It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway

90 min

HD 720




Patrick Spencer is a legend in the self-help world, teaching a level of considered selfishness that would make Ayn Rand jealous. "Why are we sitting in cubicles, flushing the hours of our lives down some corporate toilet, and not even reaping the rewards! Instead our toil goes to wives and husbands and daughters and charities and relatives who are down on their luck, and other such parasites who would drag you down and keep you from your truest self. They will pull you under. It is you or them." Brian Calhoun is a giant, towering over 7 feet tall. He's also a homeless heroin addict, living in his Dad's old Cadillac, who's been recruited by his dealer to be his thug - paid in free heroin. "I mean, that is like a lot of heroin, a week's supply! Maybe I could get ahead on my bottle an addict like me, that's like a dream." Diana Spencer is the disaffected daughter of a famous and emotionally detached father in a support group for her sex addiction. "My sex life was getting...

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