Legend of Crystania: Cave of the Sealed


Legend of Crystania: Cave of the Sealed


Other Name:
Legend of Crystania,レジェンド・オブ・クリスタニア

Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Supernatural

The land of Crystania has been at peace for some time. But like a shallow sleep, tranquility is shattered by nightmares born of the deepest, blackest night. The seals that protect Crystania are coming undone, and the Bell of Wakening tolls on terror after terror being unleashed upon the land and its people.Tornados, basilisks and Dragon Lords roam, heralding the return of King Barbas. With every second the land is scarred more deeply. Village after village is destroyed, and the gods of Crystania are next. Only King Ashram, trapped in the World of Chaos, provides a glimmer of hope. But will Redon's innocence and Pirotess's love be enough to provide him with a portal home?

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